Monday, November 11, 2013

lady of the DEAD / flora GONDWANA

I've spoken about my love of collaborations on the blog before;
my favourite thing about working with other creatives
is the result of two totally different mediums coming together to
make a unique piece of work.

This happened very recently with local Tasmanian florist,
After wandering through the store one day with a friend,
I got chatting to the owner, Annette Maraldo, about this insanely beautiful
carved bull skull (above) that she had hung on the wall,
and the fascination people have with skulls right now;
which I think stems from something so wild and (a little) creepy
being turned into an object of beauty.

She then told me about a project that the girls in the store were working on for
Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a Mexican celebration honoring friends
and family members who have passed, and also commonly recognised
in other countries for its iconic floral skull imagery.
The girls had been carving an enormous skull from polystyrene and were
about to cover it in moss and flowers, ready for Día de los Muertos.

I actually went to art school with one of the Flora's florists, Lani,
so this random little conversation led to us coming up with a bit of an idea
for a collaborative window display.
I illustrated my version of the 'Lady of the Dead' - commonly known as 'Catrina',
and popularized in the artwork La Calavera Catrina by José Guadalupe Posada.
My version of this death-like beauty joined the moss covered skull in the window,
and is currently hanging there and will be for the next week or so.

If you're in Tasmania, be sure to check it out on Elizabeth St, North Hobart.

Lady of the Dead is also available in an edition of 50 A3 giclée prints only.
They have already been selling fast, but you can purchase one here:
Or in store at Flora Gondwana.



Jessica said...

Absolutely beautiful, I know what you mean by everyone being obsessed with skulls at the moment but I quite like drawing skulls and contrasting them with bright `living things`.


Pshaw said...

Beautiful illustration. The pops of color are like life on the muted skull. It's really absolutely beautiful. Keep up the amazing work!
Pshaws Corner

Amy Keeling said...

This is incredible Kelly! You're really inspiring me to start drawing again, I keep thinking of little ideas when I hop into bed :)

Amy x
-A Little Boat Sailing-

Lidiane Dutra said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm also crazy for Sugar Skulls and have many illustrations on the subject, but it does not compare to yours.

A big hug from Brazil.


Kirsty Barrett said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful illustration x

Sparrow Lyn said...

This is absolutely amazing and I can definitely relate to it as I love skulls too. In fact I am just finishing up a skull drawing in charcoal and no one in my school gets my fascination ! To each her own eh! Just beautiful......thanks so much for sharing and inspiring.